Divisa tra antico e moderno, Terni vede convivere antichi palazzi cinquecenteschi accanto a un ricco polo industriale, cuore produttivo della città.

Palazzo Spada, oggi sede del Comune, Palazzo Rosci, con i suoi affreschi,  Palazzo Fabrizi e l’antica Cattedrale dell’Assunta testimoniano il passato storico di Terni che oggi si contrappone al volto moderno di una città che ha saputo reinterpretare le ex fabbriche delle acciaierie, oggi trasformate in centro congressi

11/24/2017 – 11/26/2017, Lugnano in Teverina (TR) 8th edition of the Marathon of Oil, an important container of initiatives taking place in Lugnano in Teverina (TR). Tasting sessions, enogastronomic and cultural paths for the village streets, tasting courses and typical local products market.

10/08/2017 – Terni (TR) Steel Circuit is a traditional racing event organized by the Terni Amateur Association. The competitive race will be developed on a 15.2 km track; the same length for the non-competitive one, to which a 5 km short and a “mini” path for the children are added.

10/06/2017 – 10/08/2017, Attigliano (TR) The 7th edition of Ecotrail – The Streets of St. Francis, one of the most important national panorama races, entered in the Over Challenge circuit. Starting and arriving at Attigliano, the route winds through the woods of the Americas, including the territories of Alviano, Montecchio, Baschi, Civitella del Lago, Toscolano, […]

09/29/2017 – 10/01/2017, Penna in Teverina (TR) 39th edition of the Harvest Festival in Penna in Teverina (TR); protagonists become grapes, musts, wine, sweets and much more.

09/29/2017 – 10/08/2017, Faiola (TR) 5th Antichi Sapori Symphony, in Faiola di Narni (TR), where you can taste great local dishes. Fun is ensured by dancing evenings and other entertainment that will be held indoors.

07/28/2017 – 08/01/2017, Cerreto (TR) 25th edition of the Focaccia Cerreto Basque Festival with the main character of the classic focaccia cooked in the wood oven prepared with flour, water, oil, salt, yeast and a secret ingredient that makes it unique and amazing. A poor but tasty dish of Umbrian tradition, a variant of the […]

07/07/2017 – 07/016/2017, Castel dell’Aquila (TR) The Pro Loco of Castel dell’Aquila proposes a restyling for a winning product that satisfies for years an increasingly demanding demand of enthusiasts, launching for 2017 a ten-day very intensive calendar, with the confirmation of the deer, as a stand still of the menu Of the homonymous tavern. Every […]

07/13/2017 – 07/19/2017, San Venanzo (TR) 10th edition of In…Canto d’Estate, a festival of music that takes place in the beautiful village of San Venanzo at the Villa Faina Municipal Park, four evenings with live concerts of exceptional artists … free admission! You will also be able to taste delicious local gastronomic specialties in a […]

07/08/2017 – San Liberato (TR) 6th edition of the famous racing competition and not, Corri sul Nera is organized by the Black ASD. The race, intended for both groups and individuals, extends along a 9 km long paved and unpaved road and lays, in large part, the bed of the Black River and the artificial […]

07/07/2017 – 07/09/2017, Montefranco (TR) 13th edition of Arrosticini a Tutta Birra, a nice party in the splendid village of Montefranco with live music every evening and a menu of sheep and ghetto; The beautiful roast beers are certainly the main dish. In the event of bad weather, you can also eat at the indoor […]