Nocera Umbra

Brewery Monastero di San Biagio

Inside Ancient Monastery of San Biagio, in the Subasio Mountain Park, more than 15 years ago he founded the first beer of monastic inspiration, in the places of St. Francis. From a historical research on the life of the monasteries, a drink that reflects the nature of mysticism and productive and, as before, still wants to be nourishment and refreshment.

Respecting the best brewing tradition, after the first fermentation in open tanks, it is bottled and left to ferment again. This process combined with the skillful balance of hops and herbs gives the characteristics expressed by colors, smells and tastes authentic and unique.

Extreme attention to the choice of raw materials; spring two-row barley grown in the Umbrian hills and water of Nocera Umbra, with unique properties and therapeutic; together with hops of the best varieties and yeasts.

The passion and care of the man, the choice of a place, together with the resources of the territory, making Beer San Biagio a unique product in the brewing national

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