Divisa tra antico e moderno, Terni vede convivere antichi palazzi cinquecenteschi accanto a un ricco polo industriale, cuore produttivo della città.

Palazzo Spada, oggi sede del Comune, Palazzo Rosci, con i suoi affreschi,  Palazzo Fabrizi e l’antica Cattedrale dell’Assunta testimoniano il passato storico di Terni che oggi si contrappone al volto moderno di una città che ha saputo reinterpretare le ex fabbriche delle acciaierie, oggi trasformate in centro congressi

Visioniinmusica is an association that has been organizing events for 19 years to promote musical culture in Umbria between artists, projects innovative and educational. The 2023 edition will take place from January 19 to April 13 in Terni. To inaugurate this new program will be Eugenio Finardi, who will present the Euphonia Suite project. This […]

On 10 and 11 June the Infiorata Sangeminese returns with its 25th edition, an event that looks at the roots of tradition when, for the Corpus Domini procession, covered the streets of the village with flowers. Today, artistic compositions of flowers are created which mark the way for the procession.   [Photo source: turismosangemini.it]

04/24/2018 – 05/01/2018, Orvieto (TR) Gelati d’Italia 6th edition of I Gelati d’Italia, an event dedicated to the promotion of the Italian tradition of artisan gelato. The festival includes tastings, cultural events, exhibitions and social events in the squares and palaces of the historic center of the beautiful Orvieto. The exhibition presents the winning combination […]

04/20/2018 – 04/22/2018, Montecastrilli (TR) Agricollina, the famous Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery and Livestock Farming of Montecastrilli, this year reaches its 51st edition. Many initiatives: 52nd exhibition of hilly agricultural machinery market, exhibition of poultry market, exhibition of agricultural products market 7th exhibition of Chianina 31st exhibition “The Vintage tractor” 30th national competition reserved for […]

04/19/2018 – 04/28/2018, Montecastrilli (TR) Chianina Fest 6th edition of the Chianina Festival created to promote the quality of Chianina and of the Umbrian pig, typical local products. At the tavern you can taste, among the many specialties, carpaccio of Chianina, gnocchi with meat sauce, chianina steak and chianina steak.

03/24/2018 – 03/25/2018, Lugnano in Teverina (TR) Exhibition of crafts, food and wine from small local and vintage companies in Lugnano in Teverina, a medieval village in the province of Terni. In the premises of “La Fabbrica” covered and heated environment, free admission. You will find craft beer, saffron, olive oil and derivatives, honey, jams […]

02/16/2018 – 02/17/2018, Orvieto (TR) OrvietoScienza is an annual event, a moment in which to talk about science and the promotion of science in schools. Two days dedicated to the relationship between science, school and society, in the setting of the welcoming medieval city of central Italy. Training, then school, as a construction of basic […]

02/01/2018 – 02/28/2018, Terni (TR) Many quality appointments, in many cases born thanks to the collaboration with the world of citizen associations. In addition to purely religious moments, there is also space for chocolate, music, photography and sport.

02/18/2018 – Terni (TR) The San Valentino marathon, now in its 8th edition, is an event that, due to its very nature as a non-competitive sporting event, wants to rediscover the value of associations and cross-border social aggregation. The event is intentionally organized along the city streets of Terni, thus allowing a rediscovery of the […]

12/09/2017 – Terni (TR) The great classical music will also be for the year 2017 the protagonist of an event that is now tradition: the Christmas Concert. For more than a decade, prestigious orchestras in the center of Europe and internationally-acclaimed soloists, directed by masters of utmost fame, perform in the charming romantic setting of […]