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Basilica di Santa Chiara

The Basilica of Santa Chiara in Assisi is among the most important religious places in the city. It was built starting from 1257, about 4 years after the death of the saint to keep her remains. The body of Chiara, the most faithful disciple of San Francesco, was placed under the high altar and remained there until 800 when it was moved to the crypt. During the construction of the basilica, the small Church of San Giorgio was incorporated into the new structure that became the seat of the Clarisse.

The architecture of the Basilica of Santa Chiara is inspired by that of San Francesco. The facade is decorated with bands of white and pink stone to delimit three large sections: the main door, the central rose window and the tympanum. The interior is almost completely devoid of frescoes. The only ones left, after the changes of the eighteenth century, show some scenes of life of the saint. In the apse you can admire a beautiful crucifix on a panel probably created by the Expressionist Master of Santa Chiara, a painter of the Giotto school.

On the right side of the church opens the Chapel of San Giorgio where is preserved the crucifix of the twelfth century from San Damiano that according to history spoke to Francis.

From the square on which stands the Basilica of Santa Chiara, built in 800, you can enjoy a magnificent view over most of the Umbrian valley.

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