Erri de Luca e Stefano di Battista Quartet

01/20/2017 – Terni (TR)

Erri De Luca is one of the latest incarnations of a figure that has marked the twentieth century culture and that now seems hopelessly extinct: the intellectual. Ie, an artist who does not limit its scope to the written page, but widens the society around him, trying to carve a sign. At the same time, De Luca was born in Naples (“out of tune”, he specifies) and the music is part of his DNA. To bring out this secret passion, she wanted a musician like Stefano Di Battista: a jazz musician who has never limited to jazz, but has always looked with curiosity in all directions, even the most unexpected (prove her numerous appearances at the Sanremo Festival). Together, De Luca and Di Battista produced the music together, released by Feltrinelli as a book, DVD and CD. Reflections, songs, music, then become a theater in the round.

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