02/16/2018 – 02/17/2018, Orvieto (TR)

OrvietoScienza is an annual event, a moment in which to talk about science and the promotion of science in schools. Two days dedicated to the relationship between science, school and society, in the setting of the welcoming medieval city of central Italy.
Training, then school, as a construction of basic scientific knowledge, which for some will remain fundamental for life.
Knowledge that guarantees the conscious participation to an active citizenship: a scientific citizenship, that makes protagonists and not subjects and that, decoding the complexity of science, allows to understand what happens, and why.
For a citizen who knows his rights: to live in a healthy environment and to have a sustainable future, to be the protagonist of his life path, from the beginning to the end, to have the tools to express himself with knowledge on the issues related to the life sciences , and not only, and independently develop their value judgments on these issues.

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