Spring in Valnerina

04/29/2016 – 05/01/2016, Sant’Anatolia di Narco (PG)

Twelfth edition of the exhibition-the floriculture market with quality and gardening, SPRING IN VALNERINA. The fair will take place at the medieval complex of the Abbey of San Felice in Val di Narco, in Localities Castel S. Felice, about 5 min. the SS Flaminia, in the immediate vicinity of Spoleto. The expanded park of the Abbey will be set up with more than 50 stands of exhibitors / manufacturers of unusual plants, medicinal, pelargoniums, peonies, roses, orchids, camellias, fruit, vegetables, rare plants and saffron, service providers for the green and machinery garden. Also featured will be small local artisans.
During the three days will be offered lectures and discussions.
Finally, by reservation at the ticket office, everyone can take part in guided walks led by expert botanists, for the recognition of wild plants of the Valnerina woods.

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