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The beaches on Lake Trasimeno: a swim in the “sea” of Umbria

Umbria is renowned as the “green heart” of Italy, the only region in the center of the peninsula not to be washed by the sea. Despite this, there is no shortage at all in this territory the opportunity to take a holiday resort in the months when, from April onwards, the heat becomes more insistent.

Lake Trasimeno, the largest in central Italy, in Umbria is the typical destination for those who want to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the weekend without having to reach the coasts of Marche and Lazio. Simply put, the Trasimeno is the “sea” of Umbria.

Located right on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, Lake Trasimeno is an ideal solution for those who, while visiting Umbria for its monuments, its cities and its lush natural environment, but does not want to give up the more classic ” bathroom “summer. Reach the Trasimeno is also convenient as the Highway of the Sun passes less than 10 kilometers from its shores, while the main road connecting Siena to Perugia runs even on the northern edge of the lake.

The beaches to visit for a break on the lake and possibly a bathroom are quite numerous, but mainly concentrated in four locations:

3 beaches in Castiglione del Lago
2 beaches in Tuoro at Trasimeno
3 beaches in Magione
1 beach in Passignano
for a total of 9 beaches, all equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and with the ability to eat or have a snack.

In addition to a bathroom you can rent pedal boats, canoeing or sailing, as well as large are the ability to spend a few days on the lake thanks to the wide availability of accommodation ranging from the camp. The countries on the shores of Lake Trasimeno are therefore an excellent choice for holidaymakers end -settimana (typically it is those who live in and around Perugia) and for those from outside the region and want to spend a few days, as the surroundings This large lake are rich in attractions, beginning with medieval villages with panoramic views of the lake.

Most importantly, the waters of Lake Trasimeno are constantly monitored to check the levels of cleanliness, which are absolutely free from pollution: study with the boat-lab-Lakes schooner in 2012, is even that Lake Trasimeno is one of the only three lakes in Italy to have won the recognition of the five sails Legambiente.

On the other hand, you can rely on thousands of “routine of the lake” who come to bathe every time comes a ray of sunshine. The mistaken belief that the Trasimeno was polluted comes from its shallowness: the dense vegetation of the shallow mask the eyes of visitors to the clarity of the water, but the fact remains that this location remains one of the best in Italy for swimming, both at the level of scenic beauty that cleaning of the water.

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