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The onion of Cannara

The onion of Cannara is a typical product of Umbria protected: it is one of the many regional food and wine products of excellence that has gained recognition of Traditional Product Agribusiness, to emphasize not only the goodness and versatility in the kitchen but also dating back to the historical roots of its use.
Besides the prestigious award from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Onion of Cannara also won the coveted title of Slow Food.

Currently, the traditional cultivation and harvesting of onion of Cannara is carried out by small producers called “cipollari”, often handed down from father to son a passion for this production of excellence for generations.

The producers and growers of this vegetable that has a fundamental importance to the area since the sixteenth century, are now gathered into the Consortium of Onion of Cannara, an organization founded under the auspices of the City which aims to monitor the whole the production chain and guaranteeing quality standards and origin of this precious resource of the territory.

Onion cultivated around Cannara has three distinct varieties: red, golden and borrettana, but all three have are characterized by a sweet, soft and easy to digest.

Among the many typical local recipes which is suitable for this product you are extremely versatile as the risotto with onions and sauce of onions, but also pleasant contamination with dishes from other regions, such as Parmesan and onions Onion Carbonara.

The importance of the onion to the territory of the town of Cannara is underlined by the presence of a famous festival which is held annually in the first two weeks of September is the “Feast of the Onion.”

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