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The red potato Colfiorito

The potato Colfiorito is one of the most famous and how to appreciate typical Umbrian products. It is grown in the area surrounding the small town located along the Umbria-Marche (it is a part of the municipality of Foligno), but it is not originally from this area despite the admirable adaptation to this type of environment, ” red potato “typical of Colfiorito is actually a tuber of Dutch origin of the variety” desireè “, introduced in Umbria in the 60s.

This excellence Umbrian cuisine is characterized by the particular elongated and oval, but especially for the peculiar red skin and light yellow flesh. The historical, economic and culinary of this product was recognized in 1998 by the European Union, which has awarded the red potato Colfiorito the status of Protected Geographical Indication.

The red potato is produced in small quantities by small family farms that specialize in this type of cultivation, which is why this product is so rare and precious, and also because these tubers are acquired preferably on site, directly from farmers, thus feeding the good circulation of the products to “zero kilometers”.

In Umbria the red potato is enhanced through the use of a large number of tasty recipes: a typical example is the dumplings, which in Umbria are prepared using the precious tuber Colfiorito seasoned with pike Trasimeno.

The red potato is also excellent in the preparation of bread, cake, mashed, but also tasted boiled or grilled.

Like many of the leading products from Umbria, even the red potato Colfiorito is celebrated by a special feast: every August, in fact, holding the Red Potato Festival, with the Exhibition that each year attracts thousands of visitors and gourmets.

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