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An all-chocolate hotel: the greedy paradise is called Chocohotel

Extreme greed and hospitality are found inside the Etruscan Chocohotel in Perugia, a unique hotel structure, as the first and only example of a themed hotel completely dedicated to chocolate.

Not far from the center of Perugia stands in fact this hotel designed to spoil the great fans of exquisite cocoa, but also for those who, inspired by the great Umbrian chocolate tradition, wants to stay in the city trying something different.

The paradise of gluttons is open to visitors already from the Hall: chocolate is presented in all its forms, with paintings and chocolate sculptures produced with cocoa from all over the world.

The structure of the hotel is in theme: not only the floors, but also the individual rooms retrace the many variations in which it is possible to taste the delicious cocoa-based viands: on the floors “al Latte”, “Gianduia” and “Fondente” “, There are rooms in which even the furniture recalls in the shapes, colors and images the sweetness of tablets, chocolates and assorted pralines. On the fourth floor are the Choco Sweet Suites, the spacious apartments dedicated to the sweet tooth: the suites are in fact set up with the various declinations of chocolate scattered in every corner of the room, ready to be enjoyed.

In line with the philosophy of the project, the Chocohotel presents a whole series of themed accessories:

the restaurant with Chocomenù, where it is possible to eat with recipes inspired by the chocolate world from appetizers to desserts;
the Chocostore in the Hall where you can buy the cocoa products used in the hotel and many others, in addition to the Chocogadget produced by Eurochocolate;
a series of travel packages specifically designed to attract visitors to the many chocolate-themed fairs held in Umbria in this paradise of greed.
In fact, among the many chocolate-related occasions in Umbria, Eurochocolate is held in Perugia, which is perhaps the best known and most appreciated cocoa fair in Italy, without forgetting the others, among which, for example, Dolcemente Bastia , which takes place in April.

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